The Trees of New Jersey

Among the many wonders of the Garden State, New Jersey is home to 48 native trees. From the majestic Red Oak to the graceful Eastern White Pine, these trees provide beauty and shade to our homes and landscapes. To ensure these beautiful trees stay healthy and vibrant, it’s important to invest in proper tree care. Eugene M. Brennan Tree Service is a licensed, certified tree expert in New Jersey that can help maintain the health of your trees and ensure they stay in peak condition for years to come.

New Jersey is home to a diverse array of native trees that have been part of the states ecosystem for centuries. These trees provide shelter, food, and beauty to both humans and wildlife alike, and help to create a healthier, more sustainable environment. On this webpage, we will take a look at some of the most common native trees in New Jersey, exploring their characteristics, uses, and importance. From the majestic white pine to the hardy American Beech, theres something for everyone to enjoy in the Garden State.

Most Common Trees in New Jersey

American Beech Tree in New Jersey

American Beech

American Elm native to New Jersey

American Elm

American Linden tree also known as Basswood.

American Linden

American Planetree, AKA as the Sycamore or Buttonwood.

American Planetree

Bigtooth Aspen

Bitternut hickory tree in New Jersey

Bitternut Hickory

Black Ash tree is native to New Jersey

Black Ash

Black Cherry tree in New Jersey.

Black Cherry

Black gum tree

Black Gum

Black Locust tree in New Jersey

Black Locust

Black Oak tree in New Jersey

Black Oak

Native black willow

Black Willow

Native Butternut tree


Chestnut oak is native to New Jersey woodlands and backyards.

Chestnut Oak

Common hackberry tree.

Common Hackberry

Native Common Honey Locust tree.

Common Honeylocust

Common Horse-Chestnut tree

Common Horse-Chestnut

Common Pawpaw tree.

Common Pawpaw

Common Persimmon tree

Common Persimmon

Common Sassafras tree, native tree in New Jersey

Common Sassafras

Cumbertree Magnolia, spring foliage, native trees of NJ

Cumbertree Magnolia

Native Eastern Black Walnut tree on a New Jersey farm.

Eastern Black Walnut

Eastern Hemlock tree

Eastern Hemlock

Flowering Dogwood, spring flowering

Flowering Dogwood

Gray Birch, native birch to New Jersey

Gray Birch

Mockernut Hickory tree

Mockernut Hickory

Native Northern Catalpa tree

Northern Catalpa

Norway Maple tree

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Norway Spruce tree

Norway Spruce

Paper Birch trees

Paper Birch

Pignut Hickory tree

Pignut Hickory

Pin Oak tree

Pin Oak

Quaking Aspen tree

Quaking Aspen

Red Maple tree

Red Maple

Red Pine tree

Red Pine

Red Spruce tree

Red Spruce

River Birch

River Birch

Shagbark Hickory

Shagbark Hickory

Shellbark Hickory tree

Shellbark Hickory

Silver Maple tree

Silver Maple

Slippery Elm tree

Slippery Elm

Sugar Maple tree

Sugar Maple

Sweet Birch tree

Sweet Birch

Tulip tree

Tulip Tree

Virginia Pine Tree

Virginia Pine

White Ash tree

White Ash

White Oak tree

White Oak

Yellow Birch tree

Yellow Birch

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New Jersey is home to many native species of trees. These trees are important for the health of the environment, providing a habitat for wildlife, helping to combat air pollution, and providing us with oxygen. Eugene M. Brennan Tree Service is available to assist with the care of these and other non-native species of trees. The company offers tree removal, trimming, planting, fertilizing, consulting, and assessments. Brennan’s is experienced in the proper techniques and practices necessary to ensure the health of these trees.

By utilizing the services of Eugene M. Brennan Tree Service, you can ensure that your trees are given the best care possible and are able to thrive. We are an experienced and knowledgeable source of assistance that can help ensure that your trees can continue to provide us all with the many benefits they offer.