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Tree Removal in Springfield Township, New Jersey

When looking for tree removal services in Springfield Township, New Jersey, you shouldn’t just hire the any tree care company that comes up in an online search. This type of work is highly technical. In the wrong hands, it can result in serious problems or damage to your trees or other property.

The same thing goes for hiring a tree removal company. Without the right training and experience, an arborist or tree cutting professional could butcher your tree and leave it in terrible shape and in unhealthy conditions.

Hiring a Tree Removal Company in Springfield Township, New Jersey

Tree removal is a project that Springfield Township, New Jersey homeowners have to do every now and again when a tree has died during the winter, gotten infested with pests or becomes a danger to the home, property or public right of way.

Tree removal is one of the most expensive tree care services to have done.

You want to be sure and only pay for the service and not additional costs in lawn repair, fence or home repairs because the tree service did an unprofessional job.

Tree Removal Service in Springfield Township, New Jersey

Information to Know About the Tree Cutting Service You Hire.

When the time come around, homeowners need to have maintenance done on their trees to ensure new growth and prevent any damage to the home, backyard or other property. While some are willing to take on the responsibility themselves, it’s easier and safer to hire professional tree removal services to do the job.

It’s hard to decide which service to hire as there are always at least 10 in the city to choose from.

Here are the essentials all homeowners should take into consideration when hiring any kind of tree removal service.

Check the Tree Company Providers Credentials

It’s easy for someone to buy a small amount of equipment and bill themselves as a tree cutting professional. To ensure that you get the highest level of service possible, you should stick with established companies and hire a company that has a proven track record.

Brennan’s Tree Service has been serving Springfield Township, New Jersey homeowners since 1964. Fully licensed and insured.

  • Ask for references and follow up on them.

Make sure that the tree felling company is licensed and insured. There are plenty of honest, experienced companies out there, but there are also plenty of dishonest ones so you should never just take a company’s word for it. Since 1964, Brenan’s Tree Service has served hundreds if not thousands of customers in Springfield Township, New Jersey communities.

  • Get Down to Tree Removal Specifics

Each person’s needs are different, so you should ask plenty of questions before hiring a tree care company or arborist to perform tree cutting or removal services for you.

For example, ask about the following things:

Pricing – This is a big deal, and the way in which a company charges for its services depends on a number of different things. Some companies’ fees are based on tree height, while others charge hourly rates.

Some companies charge extra for travel, so make sure to ask about that as well. Brennan’s Tree Service is a local tree care provider to all people in Springfield Township, New Jersey, we don’t have travel fees.

What’s Included? – Always find out what’s included with your tree removal or cutting service. Some companies will cut down your tree, chop its trunk into manageable sections and even haul them away for you. Others will leave the trunk where it lies, and you will have to handle it yourself. In some instances, a company may offer to do extra work but charge more for it. Get all of this on paper. Brennan’s Tree Service always give each customer a detailed written estimate of what service you are getting.

Extras – It’s often worth it to pay a little more to have extra work done. After cutting down a tree, for example, a company may offer a discounted price to grind away the stump. It’s something you’ll probably need to do later anyway, and you might be able to get the work done for less by having it handled at the same time.

Some tree removal companies will also chip up your branches and either haul them away or leave them for you to use. Tree removal is hard and dangerous work. Leave it to the professionals at Brennan’s Tree Service.

Professional Tree Removal

It’s not something that should be handled by inexperienced people. If you want the landscaping of your home to look as nice as possible, you should invest the extra money in hiring a professional tree cutting company. It may cost more, but it will be done in a safe and effective way. You will be glad you chose a professional tree removal service.

Frequently Asked Questions for Tree Removal Service

You should always ask a professional tree removal service questions before hiring them. These should be questions you ask the tree removal company to gauge their work history, expertise and how much you’re going to pay for the services. You will get the best service from the most qualified tree service in the shortest amount of time without endangering your home, property or family.

Here are the questions you should ask tree removal service pros:

  • Can they provide a copy of their license and insurance?

Yes, Brennan’s Tree Service provides a copy of our license and insurance to all our customers. If you choose a tree service that isn’t willing to show you these, it should be an immediate red flag and you should hang up the phone.

All tree removal service professionals should have both of these documents to show they’re certified by the state to practice their professional and to protect their team in case of injury.

  • Do they have a list of references?

Yes, Brennan’s Tree Service has hundreds of satisfied customers and references. We have been in business since 1964. If you found a tree service online or from an ad, ask for references. Knowing they did a good job on other people’s homes will give you peace of mind and reinforce they’re the right tree care provider for the job.

  • Will they be able to give you an estimate?

Yes, Brennan’s Tree Service will leave you a detailed estimate of what the services will be and the cost of those tree services. Every company you call should be able to give you a detailed estimate of how much tree removal will cost based on what you tell them. You will also need to ask them how much stump removal will cost, whether it’s included with the cost of the tree being taken down or separate.

  • How long will the tree removal process take?

Brennan’s Tree Service has the latest equipment in the tree service industry. We inform all customers how long a tree removal or trimming project will take. Our tree care equipment consists of a crane for safe removals, a grapple truck to haul off large logs and many other pieces of equipment to make the process faster, safer and serve you better. Part of the tree removal process estimate is the length of time it will take.

By asking every company how long they say they’ll take, you can find out which is the shortest. It’s also why asking for references is important. They can confirm if the quoted time and price given to them by the pro was accurate for their job as well.

Safely Removing a Tree

What kind of equipment will they use to remove the tree? Brennan’s Tree Service has all the latest equipment from cranes, to grapple trucks to chippers. We have invested heavily in our company to better service the homeowners of Springfield Township, New Jersey. They should be bringing out equipment like saws, stump grinders (for the stump, if needed), chainsaws, safety gear, trucks and so on. Listen for items like that to be listed off when you ask the question. If it sounds like they’re missing needed equipment, then you should reconsider using their service for your tree removal.

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