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Maplewood Tree Permits & Registered Tree Sevices

Welcome to the blog of Eugene M. Brennan’s Tree Service, your premier registered tree service provider in Maplewood, New Jersey! We are proud to be a NJ Tree Care Expert: a statewide network of experienced and certified arborists dedicated to providing expert tree care services throughout the state. Our team is committed to offering our clients professional guidance and quality service that they can trust. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about being a registered tree service provider in Maplewood and why it’s important for you and your trees.

The Maplewood, New Jersey Public Works Department provides information on the process for tree removal. Residents must first fill out an application and submit it to the department for review. The department will then inspect the trees in question and provide advice regarding their removal based on safety concerns or other considerations. In some cases, a permit may be required before any work can begin, which should also be obtained through this office. Finally, residents are reminded that no tree shall be removed without prior authorization from either this office or another branch of local government.


Starting from the week of March 21st 2022, all tree removal companies are required to be registered with the Township of Maplewood. Residents must use a company that is on the list of registered Tree Removal Companies; if your tree company is not listed, please make them aware of this policy and direct them to this page. 


The new application for a tree removal permit has been changed and updated accordingly; applications using old materials or information will no longer be accepted.


Chapter 227 on Maplewood Township Trees.

Chapter 227-8 states:

“No person shall remove any tree 12 inches or more in caliper, or authorize the removal of such tree, on any land within the Township of Maplewood unless the owner of such tree or the person authorized by the owner to remove said tree shall first obtain a permit.”

Trees with a diameter of less than 12 inches do not require a removal permit.


Tree Removal Permit Application Maplewood Township application

Tree Company Registration Form Maplewood Township

Eugene M. Brennan’s Tree Service is 1 of 19 tree services that are registered with the township of Maplewood, New Jersey to remove, prune or trim trees in the township. We can get the permits needed and handle all the paperwork for you.

Are you allowed to cut down trees on your property in Maplewood, NJ?

In order to remove a tree 12 inches or more in caliper from any land within the Township of Maplewood, one must obtain a permit. The application for such a permit includes: the address and owner(s) of the property; reasons for removal; proof of ownership (survey/deed/photos); diagrams showing location; contact info for all neighboring properties; contractor documents with insurance, state compliance, OSHA & ANSI standards; and notification to Maplewood Police Department prior to removal.

  • The address of the property upon which the tree or trees are located;
  • The name and address of the owner and any agent of the owner duly authorized for this purpose;
  • The reasons for requesting a permit to cut or remove said tree or trees;
  • Evidence of the ownership of the tree or trees, such as a survey, deed or photographs;
  • A diagram or other document which accurately sets forth the location of the tree or trees;
  • The names and addresses of all abutting property owners to the property upon which the tree or trees are located.
  • Evidence that all abutting property owners have been sent a certified letter from the applicant stating that a tree removal permit will be requested.
  • Evidence that a tree removal contractor, if being used, has adequate insurance;
  • Representation by the contractor that it will comply with all applicable state, OSHA, and ANSI standards; 
  • Representation by the applicant that he/she will notify the Maplewood Police Department of the date of removal so that the Maplewood Police Department may close any street required for the safe removal of the tree or trees.

What is the penalty for cutting a tree without a permit in Maple wood, NJ?

Violations and penalties.

Any person who shall violate or authorize or procure a violation of any provision of this article or of any permission given as aforesaid shall, upon conviction thereof, forfeit and pay a penalty not to exceed $1,000 for each and every offense.


Anyone who violates the provisions of this article by removing a tree without a permit or after being denied one will be liable for a penalty of up to $2,000 per tree. This penalty applies both to the property owner and any contractor used in the removal process.

What is the process for the Maplewood Tree Removal and Trimming Permit?

The Director or their designee will review the application for a permit to remove trees and make an informed decision based on consideration of multiple factors. These include whether the removal would affect existing drainage patterns, cause soil erosion, alter screening between contiguous lots, thin overgrown areas horticulturally advantageously, have physical/aesthetic impacts on the property; plus any changes in topography which could be damaging to other nearby trees. 

They must also consider if keeping these trees would cause hardship due to disease/weakness that can’t be addressed with pruning only; as well as if solar panels are needed and should not be used as sole basis for removal. All considerations carry equal weight.


The proposed removal of trees should be analyzed to determine if it would negatively affect the growth and development of other nearby trees, or constitute a significant change in screening with respect to buildings located on adjacent lots.

If removing trees could have a negative impact on the physical and aesthetic value of the property. This includes potential changes to land configuration that may be harmful to neighboring trees, as well as possible excavation, construction of aerification systems, or removal or replacement of existing trees.


Historic Trees and Specimen Trees

No permit to take down an historic or rare tree will be granted unless the Director (or their representative) has determined that the tree is in poor health and poses a risk to people or property nearby.


By using a Maplewood Township Registered Tree Removal Service, you save time in getting the tree care services done on your property.


How long does it take to get a tree removal permit in Maplewood?

Within 10 business days of determining that an application is complete, the Director or their designee will decide whether to issue a permit. If they deny the request, they must provide written reasons for doing so and indicate any guidelines or other measures needed to protect trees, people and property from damage due to removal operations.

Emergency Tree Removal Exceptions

In the event of an emergency such as a hurricane, windstorm, ice storm or flood that poses a significant risk of severe personal injury, exceptions may be granted by the Director or their designee in consultation with the Emergency Management Coordinator to waive regulations and allow for public or private work to restore order. 

Additionally, if trees are posing an imminent threat due to collapse or potential collapse and require removal, owners can take action verbally or electronically notify the Director who will then approve any emergent removals without fees. A written report must still be submitted within 10 business days after taking such action.

Maplewood Tree Removal Permit Fees.

Each applicant for a permit under this article shall pay a fee of $100 per tree.

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