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Reasons to have your stumps removed with tree removal.

You can get trunk removal without stumping, but you might want both. Most arborists in New Jersey will charge an additional fee for stump removal. It’s rarely required to be done as... Read More

What does the spotted lanternfly do to my trees?

The adults and larvae of the Spotted Lanternfly damage host plants by feeding on sap from stems, leaves, and the trunks of trees. Trees and plants have been described as... Read More

Types Of Maple Trees In New Jersey

Maple Trees Maple trees symbolize balance, offering, practical magic, promise, longevity, generosity, and intelligence. One reason behind these meanings is that maple trees have the ability to adapt to many... Read More

Types of Tree Trimming for Property Owners

There are several categories of tree trimming, and knowing which type of trimming to perform can help ensure the tree grows lush and vibrant. It’s always best to call in... Read More

Insect Tree Damage in New Jersey

Insects That Kill New Jersey Trees As a licensed New Jersey Tree Care operator, Brennan’s Tree Service sees the a lot insect tree damage done by invasive insects here in... Read More

Why You Should Trim Your Trees.

From Fall to early Spring is the best time to have your trees pruned. Call the tree care experts at Brennan's Tree Service. Since 1964 we have been... Read More

5 Fall Tree Care Tips for New Jersey Homeowners

Fall tree care, before the cold winter months. “While your trees seem to be in a state of hibernation in the winter, being exposure to the tough conditions can cause... Read More

7 Reasons for Spring Tree Care Services

The robins have arrived and Spring is only days away.  The winter wasn’t to bad this year in Short Hills,  but it is that time again to have your tree’s... Read More
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