If you’re looking for ways to improve your backyard privacy in New Jersey, you might plant fast-growing trees. Not only will they help obscure the view of your neighbors, but they can also provide much-needed shade during the hot summer months. Here are some of the best options for privacy trees in New Jersey.

Why not secure your outdoor space with a little privacy? With so many beautiful plants to choose from, you can enjoy both fresh green landscaping and serene shade at the same time. For an even more private retreat than before- plant one of these fast-growing trees!


When it comes to privacy screens, evergreens are the most common choice. But that doesn’t mean they’re the only option! There are lots of plants that make good candidates for privacy screens. In fact, it’s best to mix things up. That way, if one plant gets attacked by a pest or disease, it won’t affect your entire screen. 

One more thing! While fast-growing trees are great at quickly giving you privacy, they’re not without their flaws. Quick-growing trees and shrubs tend to have weaker wood that is more prone to breakage and attack by insects and diseases. They also require more frequent pruning to keep them under control and help them develop a strong structure. But despite these drawbacks, fast-growing trees can be a great option for those looking for quick privacy.

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Evergreens planted as a hedge.


Shrubs are one of the best ways to achieve privacy in your garden. They are fast-growing, meaning that you won’t have to wait years for them to provide you with the privacy you desire. Shrubs also have a range of other benefits; they can provide shelter for wildlife, act as a windbreak, and even improve the soil quality in your garden. Not sure which shrub is right for you? Here are three of the best fast-growing privacy shrubs:

The Leyland cypress is a popular choice for privacy hedges, as it grows quickly and can reach heights of up to 40 feet. This evergreen shrub is also relatively low-maintenance, meaning that you won’t have to spend hours trimming it into shape.

For a more colorful hedge, try planting Forsythia bushes. These bright yellow shrubs will add a splash of color to your garden, and they can grow up to 10 feet tall. Forsythia bushes are also relatively easy to care for, making them a great option for busy gardeners.

If you’re looking for an evergreen shrub that provides both privacy and color, then consider planting Holly bushes. These shrubs can grow up fast!

  • North Privet: A pyramid-shaped shrub with dark, glossy leaves that grows about three feet per year
  • Forsythia: An early blooming shrub with bright-yellow flowers that grows about two feet per year
  • Glossy Abelia: A rounded shrub with white spring flowers and purple fall leaves that can grow up to two feet a year
  • Holly: A tall evergreen shrub with vibrant green leaves that can grow up to three feet a year.
  • Wax Myrtle: An olive-green bush that usually adds about a foot each year in height and can reach a mature height of 20 feet.

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Trees are an essential part of the landscape. Not only do they provide shade and beauty, but they also play an important role in protecting the environment. Trees help to improve air quality, slow the flow of stormwater, and reduce noise pollution. They can also provide privacy and security, making them an ideal choice for homes and businesses. 

When selecting a tree for privacy, it is important to choose a species that will grow quickly and provide dense coverage. Some fast-growing trees that are well-suited for privacy screens include eastern white pine, hybrid poplar, silver maple, green giant arborvitae, and Leyland cypress. With proper care, these trees can provide years of beauty and privacy.

  • Eastern White Pine: A tall evergreen tree with greenish-blue needles that can increase its height by over three feet each year.
  • Hybrid Poplar: A shade tree with silvery-green leaves that can grow an astonishing eight feet per year
  • Silver Maple: A large shade tree with shimmery silver leaves and wood that grows about two feet per year
  • Green Giant Arborvitae: A pyramid-shaped evergreen with rich green needles that adds about three feet to its height per year
  • Dawn Redwood: A low-maintenance shade tree that’s good for large landscapes and grows over two feet each year
  • Leyland cypress: This slender evergreen tree that can grow up to four feet per year.


If you’re looking for a way to add privacy to your backyard in New Jersey without spending too much time or money, consider planting one or more of these fast-growing trees or shrubs. With a little bit of TLC, they’ll grow into the perfect backdrop for your outdoor oasis in no time at all. Ready to get started? Contact Brennan’s Tree Service today and we’ll help you find the right plants for your yard.