This tree should have removed last fall in Essex Falls, New Jersey. High winds blew the top portion of the tree onto the homeowner’s car and property. We cleaned up the limbs and main trunk first. Then we took the rest of the tree down to the stump. We will come back in a few days with the stump grinder and remove the stump.

Storm Damage Tree Removal

Tree removal Essex Falls, New Jersey. When you think you have trees that should be removed, the best thing to do is call a tree care professional to assess the trees. They may only need to be trimmed back. But, they could have insect damage or are rotting on the inside and you would not be the wiser.

tree removal essex falls new jersey after a wind storm

Tree Assessments

Having your trees assessed by a tree care expert is a good way to know what options you have for your trees. Things like cabling, bolting or bracing trees with heavy branches or split trunk trees like maple and gum trees. The tree most likely only needs to be trimmed back. As the tree grows over the years, it can become top heavy with branches or out of balance. Getting your trees inspected, can save you from having property damaged.

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