Oak Tree With Dead Limbs

This old oak in Montclair had to come down. It had several large dead branch up about 30 feet or more. As you can see from the main trunk and the two branching trunks, there were many limbs that fell through the years.

After we assessed the tree to decide what is best for the homeowner, tree and property, the homeowner chose to remove this tree.

Removal Process

For this tree we used the bucket truck and removed all the large limbs first, lowering them safely to the ground, where our ground crew cut the limbs down and chipped the small branches. The larger limbs and trunks were cut by our arborists in smaller more manageable pieces, which were lowered with a safety rope.

Dead Scarlett Oak in Montclair, NJ, Tree removed, stump removed
You can see the dead branches high up in this tree. One good wind storm could send a hundred pound limb sailing and causing a dangerous situation.

Tree Stump Shows Signs of Fungus

As you can see from the image below, this tree had several trunk wounds over time at ground level. This makes for a weak tree at the point where the most wind pressure is applied. Another reason why trees topple over with any high winds or weight from snow and ice.

Tree stump removal montclair, new jersey
This oak was vulnerable to diseases at the ground level.

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