You can get trunk removal without stumping, but you might want both.

Most arborists in New Jersey will charge an additional fee for stump removal. It’s rarely required to be done as part of the removal process of dangerous or dead trees. The downside to skipping stump removal is that it could backfire. Most times, everyone is in the best interest to have the stump removed.

You won’t likely save money if you choose to remove stumps and trees at the same time. However, stump removal can be arranged at a later time.

A stubborn stump might be a potential hazard in your yard. They are often unattractive, and depending on where they are located, can lower property values. Insects love them and they are a constant feast. Still not convinced?

Tree Removal: Cases for removing stumps.

It’s easy for children to fall and trip on a stump. Visitors who trip over stumps can sue homeowners for damages.

However, stumps can be used to create a natural-looking, outdoor seating area if they are placed in the right spot, which is very rare. If there is enough stump left, it might still be possible to make use of it.

Ask your tree-cutter to remove the stump and to cut it at the appropriate height for you to use as a stool. The stump can then be moved (or a professional should you need to, as they are very heavy). To a safer space. Stumps can be used as patio seating, or to surround a backyard firepit. The stump removal company will then remove any stump you don’t need.

Sometimes, tree grow back from stumps.

Contrary to popular belief stumps can sometimes be transformed into trees. If the stump is extremely large, this can take quite a while. But it’s possible.

Re-sprouting is a common problem for deciduous trees. Tree removal is expensive. You don’t want the tree to grow back. Re-sprouted branches are known to be susceptible to insects and disease . Just like human beings, cuts can lead to infection.

Tree removal and stump removing is an investment. This is one that will improve your home’s aesthetics and safety. Consider the long-term value of tree removal if it is recommended or required.

It is important to fill in the stump hole immediately, filling it with sand and planting trees. For fast and economical tree removal services, contact Brennan’s Tree Service.