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Tree Removal Permit in Montclair, New Jersey


Tree Removal Permits in New Jersey

Yes, in some of New Jersey townships you need a permit to remove or alter a tree.  Like many people, we at Brennan’s Tree Service, Inc. don’t want more red tape in our lives and business, but here are some of the benefits of getting and having a tree removal permit.


Tree Removal as a Natural Resource Asset:


Trees and the urban forest are a valuable natural resource worthy of protection and conservation on a sustainable basis.


Trees stabilize soil, help reduce storm-water runoff and wind erosion of soils, improve water quality, reduce noise pollution, reduce air pollution, sequester carbon dioxide associated with global warming, create shade and help reduce energy consumption in the summertime, lower ambient air temperatures throughout the Township during the summer, and provide habitat for birds and other species.


Trees create scenic benefits that enhance local property values in the Township.


The development of a mature and sustainable urban forest resource throughout the Township requires a comprehensive program for the management of the planting and removal of trees on public and private property.


Protecting Homeowners from Fraud or Unlicensed Tree Services:


No tree within the Township may be removed or substantially altered by any person other than a tree removal contractor registered with the Township. The tree removal contractor shall endorse each tree removal permit application on forms provided by the Township.


Be licensed in accordance with the New Jersey Tree Experts and Tree Care Operators Licensing Act.


Maintain the required insurance;


Hold a current valid registration with the Township of Montclair; and


Display proof of same on each of its vehicles operating in the Township.


The Fines and Penalties for Non-Compliance of Tree Removal Permit:


The Township Forester shall have the authority to enter onto any property in the Township and to issue a stop-work order to any person in violation of this article.

Violations of this article shall be punishable by a fine of no more than $1,000.

The Township shall revoke the registration of any tree removal contractor who has submitted a fraudulent tree removal permit application or a false certification.

Noncompliance with the provisions of this article may be grounds for denial of registration of a tree removal contractor.


The Fees of a Tree Removal Permit in Montclair, New Jersey:


Application fee for a tree removal permit shall be $15 per tree.

A tree removal contractor shall pay an annual registration fee of $75.



The tree removal permit application fee is waived for the removal of diseased trees or trees deemed hazardous.


The removal permit fee is waived for the removal of shade trees listed as invasive exotic.


An applicant with a financial hardship may request a waiver of permit fees by filing a personal financial hardship exemption request letter with his or her tree removal permit.


These fee exemptions do not constitute an exemption from any other provision of this article.



A List of Townships in Brennan’s Tree Service, Inc. Service Area Tree Removal Permit Information

Livingston, New Jersey:  http://livingstontownship.org/services/tree-removal/

Maplewood, New Jersey: https://www.twp.maplewood.nj.us/leaf-collection-landscapers/pages/tree-removal-permit

Summit, New Jersey: https://www.cityofsummit.org/187/Tree-Removal-Permits

Old Bridge, New Jersey: http://www.oldbridge.com/content/5146/5245/5529.aspx

Montville, New Jersey: https://www.montvillenj.org/DocumentCenter/Home/View/627

Westfield, New Jersey: http://www.westfieldnj.gov/index.asp?SEC=8EAE1399-9C08-40D9-B34C-15B81B26D7E1&DE=7C2A0BF2-FD11-4F50-A51D-EEDCF2E9F0FA&Type=B_BASIC

Englewood, New Jersey: http://www.cityofenglewood.org/filestorage/9306/9308/9398/tree_permit_app_2001.pdf

Bernards Twp., New Jersey: https://ecode360.com/11919201

Highland Park, New Jersey:  http://www.hpboro.com/index.aspx?NID=509

Chatham, New Jersey: http://www.chathamtownship-nj.gov/images/forms/Tree-Removal-Permit-Application.pdf

Ringwood, New Jersey: http://www.ringwoodnj.net/content/2347/2355/2381.aspx

Howell, New Jersey: https://www.twp.howell.nj.us/DocumentCenter/View/68

West Orange, New Jersey: https://www.westorange.org/DocumentCenter/Home/View/409

Watchung, New Jersey: http://watchungnj.gov/forms/Tree_Removal_Application.pdf

Monroe Twp., New Jersey:  http://www.monroetwp.com/polimage.cfm?doc_Id=346&size_code=Doc

Highlands, New Jersey: http://www.highlandsborough.org/hnj/Forms/Building%20Department%20Forms/Tree%20Permit.pdf

Woodbridge, New Jersey: http://www.twp.woodbridge.nj.us/308/Keeping-Our-Township-Green

South Orange, New Jersey: https://southorange.org/DocumentCenter/Home/View/73

East Brunswick, New Jersey: https://www.eastbrunswick.org/filestorage/887/586/596/TreeRemovalPermit.pdf

Berkley Heights, New Jersey: http://www.berkeleyheightstwpnj.gov/forms/tree-removal-permit-application.pdf

South Plainfield, New Jersey: http://www.southplainfieldnj.com/spnj/Departments/Departments/Building%20Department/Forms/Tree%20Removal%20Permit.pdf

New Milford, New Jersey: http://www.newmilfordboro.com/site/cpage.asp?cpage_id=180058940&sec_id=180013952


New Jersey

Recently, many townships in New Jersey are starting to preserve more trees by creating ordinances that protect ones on private properties. This means that even if private property owners want to remove trees, they might not be able to. Depending on the township, they can apply for permits to get a tree removed, but the township might reject the permit. The Trenton department of forestry has the right, as laid out in the city’s rules, to remove trees on private property that might be a hazard to other residents only after giving notice to the owner to remove it themselves.


Make sure you hire a New Jersey Licensed Tree Care Expert, like Brennan’s Tree Service, Inc.  License #499 and keep yourself from getting “stumped” by your township ordinances.



Guide to Fall Tree Care


Guide to Expert Tree Care (Fall)

Tree Care Experts New Jersey
Summer growth branches should be pruned back to help your trees survive the snow and ice storms winter brings.

Fall is the time to prepare your trees for the cold months ahead and encourage growth in the spring.

 1) Time to plant new trees: 

Fall is the best time to plant new trees . Since temperatures are cooler and there is less chance of stress from the sun, drought or high temperatures, newly planted trees get the chance to get adjusted to their new home, with all the stresses of insects, heat, etc.

Fall is the time to plant new trees.

 2) Fall fertilization:

To help your trees survive the harsh winter, they should be fertilized in the fall.  This help them thrive come spring instead of stunned growth.  In nature, all animals try to put on the pounds to make it through the winter, your trees are no different.  The drop their leaves to conserve energy.  Give them a good feeding before winter sets in.

Tree Fertilizer
Spring blooms are so much prettier with a good fall fertilzer.


3) Good watering:

Fall is the season to give your trees plenty of water before the winter months, quenching your trees’ roots.

Watering should be enough to penetrate the top 12 inches of soil.  This is the area your trees need water the most.

If your trees are on higher ground or have no irrigation, a good subsurface water is need going in the winter months.

Well watered trees, have less decay and dead branches come spring.


4) Pruning:

As the leaves drop, you can see the summer growth of new branches.  This is the time of year to trim those branches to make a fuller, healthier looking tree in the spring.

Another thing to consider in when pruning trees in the fall, is the coming snow and ice storms.  Will some of those branches, limbs and split trunks survive?

You should call a New Jersey Certified Tree Expert to have your trees evaluated.


Does your trees need a helping hand?

Supporting Trees
Give Your Trees a Helping Hand

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