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About Brennan’s Tree Service


Eugene M Brennan Tree Experts Inc. is a family owned, second generation tree care company, originally established in 1964 by Gene’s father, Eugene R Brennan. Brennan Tree Experts provides year round tree care to both residential and commercial properties in Essex, Union, Morris and surrounding counties.

Brennan's Tree Service, Tree Removal
Eugene hard at work.





As your tree care professional, Brennan’s Tree Experts offers the following services; pruning, tree removal, storm damage, new plantings, preventive care, tree maintenance which includes fertilization and pest and disease control, cabling and bracing, lightning protection and vertical mulching (deep aeration).

NJ certified tree expert – Gene studied tree biology and health in order to pass a grueling test both written and in the field. Gene is approved to carry the title of NJ certified tree expert by the no DEP. GENE IS #499. in order to pass the test to become a CTE Gene had to not only know the English name for each try species but the Latin as well.

As a New Jersey Certified Tree Expert

Gene will advise and provide diagnoses of your trees, recommend treatments, and if need be, complete evaluative appraisals in situations that necessitate experience in the science of arboriculture. Both Eugene and his father have attained the designation of New Jersey Certified Tree Expert which means that they “have been examined and proven to be competent in the science and art of diagnosing, treating and preventing tree injuries” by the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

Brennan's Tree Service
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Tree Services


Tree removals or take downs – trees are removed by either hand or saw. Often times a crane is necessary to help lift a. Large tree portion up and over a house or just to safely lower it to the ground.

Brennan's Tree Service, Large Branch Removal with Crane
Large branch removal with a crane.






Stump grinding – stumps can be ground out with a chipper. The fillings are usually back filled into the hole. Trees can also be flush cut to grade and the stump left behind if the client doesn’t care about the stump.

Brennan's Tree Service, Stump Grinding
Brennan’s Tree Service, Stump Grinding






Pruning -trees need to be pruned for their health and longevity. Pruning includes thinning of too many limbs in a tree canopy, removal of cross and rubbing limbs, removal of dead or diseased wood in a tree, thinning to allow sunlight to shine through a tree and give light to the undergrowth.

Brennan's Tree Service Tree Pruning
The WRONG way to prune a tree.






Firewood – fully seasoned, all hardwoods, no soft woods. Will deliver chords, half chords or quarter chords.

Brennan's Tree Service, Firewood
The warmth of a good wood fire.