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  • Tree Maintenance (Pruning and Repairing)
  • Tree Removals, Brush Cutting or Removal
  • Stump Grinding or Removal
  • Pesticide Applications
  • Tree Appraisals/Insurance Claims
  • Plant Health Care (Insect and Disease Inspection Tree Planting and Establishment & Diagnosis), Fertilization/Soil Management
  • Utility Line Clearance/Vegetation Management
  • Lightning Protection
  • Planning and Consulting Services
  • Tree Planting and Establishment
  • Tree Assessment
  • Tree Management During Site Planning
  • Cabling and Bracing/Support Systems
  • Firewood

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Why a licensed tree care expert is the right choice for all your tree care needs.

A Licensed Tree Expert (LTE) is a person who has been examined and proven to be competent in the science and art of diagnosing, treating and preventing tree injuries. These professionals demonstrate high ethical and moral standards in tree care and are licensed by the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts.

The reasons the legislation was passed was due to consumer issues with some companies within the tree care industry.

The public has been cheated by many companies performing tree care work who are either unqualified, not having the correct insurance or performing substandard tree service.


You can read more about the New Jersey Tree Expert & Tree Care Operator Licensing Act at:

The Act passed on January 16, 2010 and as of April 17, 2017, the Rules and Regulations have been adopted and approved, permitting the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts


What does this mean for you the homeowner or business owner?

Because tree pruning and removal is dangerous work, tree work should be done only by those trained and equipped to work safely in trees.  A Licensed Tree Expert, is a safe worker, not only personal safety, but in property as well.

This alone should easy your mind about the hazards of your tree project.  A landscaper unless a Licensed Tree Expert does not offer this to you.

A Licensed Tree Expert, offers long-term management required in the science of tree care.

Licensed Tree Experts must obtain continuing educational credits over their licensing period, thereby insuring LTEs are up-to-date on new information, skills and techniques in the tree care profession.

A Licensed Tree Expert, with the registration of the tree care business involves the company demonstrating that it has the required level of insurance and worker compensation coverage.

Brennan’s Tree Service, Inc. carries all required insurance, this give you the homeowner peace of mind knowing that you and Brennan’s Tree Experts, Inc. are covered should anything happen.  A landscape company may not be covered to do the work of a Licensed Tree Expert.

It is now mandatory to hire a tree care business that is registered with the state and has employed a Licensed Tree Expert or Licensed Tree Care Operator depending on the services they offer for hire.

Brennan’s Tree Service, Inc. is licensed and qualified to do tree work.

Incorrect tree work can predispose your trees to many future problems, including tree failure.  In addition, many homeowner policies will not cover injuries or damage done by an under-insured tree care contractor, which may leave the financial burden on the homeowner.

Brennan’s Tree Service, Inc.

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What tree problems can we help you with?

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Tree Fertilizer

Spring blooms are so much prettier with a good fall fertilzer.




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Share these snow removal tips with a friend.

1. Put Tall Stakes Around Driveway, Walkway & Sidewalk
In New Jersey we know a thing or two about snowfall. After all, we did experience the polar vortex in 2014. Therefore, when we say it is vital to put large stakes on the outskirts of your driveway, walkway and sidewalk, we mean it.

These helpful reminders show you and your snow plow company where to shovel, plow and melt. While it may be obvious for you to locate your driveway, the same cannot be said of your snow removal service. They plow hundreds of streets and driveways and as you know, not all are the same. Make it easy to find your driveway or you could be faced with a ruined yard come spring.

2. Buy A Good Shovel
We understand the desire to buy a cheap shovel. After all, we don’t really use it year-round, so why fork over all that money? Well, once those first few inches hit your driveway, you’ll be thankful you purchased the right shovel.

I recommend a shovel with a medium-sized plastic or aluminum blade with a nonstick finish. While larger shovels may seem logical, it will bring back and arm stiffness later on. S-shaped shovels are good for removing heavy snowfall and C-shaped shovels are better for pushing and removing light, fluffy snow. For us in New Jersey, make sure you own an s-shaped shovel.

3. Shovel Often
We understand that shoveling is a hassle, tiring and just plain boring. As a result, many wait until there are at least a few inches of snow until we shovel. Do your best to fight the urge and shovel as often as you can.

When snow starts to pile up and temperatures drop below freezing, it tends to stick or freeze to your driveway, walkway and sidewalk. In fact, even with cold temperatures above freezing, it can still stick. Stop it in its tracks by shoveling before it gets a chance to stick. Sticky snow brings ice and that is exactly what we are trying to avoid.

4. Salt Everything
Even if we shovel as often as possible, ice will undoubtedly make its way around your yard. As a result, shovels just won’t cut it. You must attack ice with salt, sand or kitty litter.

As most Americans tend to lean towards salt, rock salt is the cheapest and very accessible across the market. Sadly, it does not work when the temperature drops below 12°F and can eat away at your concrete. If you want to avoid a hefty driveway repair bill, I highly recommend using rock salt in moderation.

For the real cold, look into magnesium chloride or calcium chloride.

5. Snow Blowers
They seemed like a terrific winter toy. I see why some homeowners bite the bullet and some stay away.

Unsurprisingly, snow blowers get rid of snow faster than any other method mentioned in this article. If you’re expecting up to one and a half feet of snow this winter, it may be time to invest in a snow blower.

However, as you might expect, your typical snow blower costs more than salt or an average shovel. They range in price from $350 all the way up to $1500.

Snow Removal Costs
The average price for snow removal services is $189, however, this price can largely fluctuate.
Costs for removal of up to six inches of snow begin at $75. Some contractors will charge a lower fee for removal of smaller amounts, such as two inches. In most heavy snow regions, contracts may include higher rates for amounts of snow greater than six inches. A good rule of thumb for any removal project over six inches is to add $30 per additional half-foot of snow.
Snow removal services are highly negotiable when compared to other types of contracting work. Homeowners shouldn’t be afraid to seek a rate that’s more suitable to their needs. In heavy snowfall regions, there will be a number of contractors available to handle this type of work, so there’s no reason to avoid shopping around for the best rates available.
More snow and colder temperatures seem to always be on the horizon, but if you prepare and follow the guidelines mentioned above, you will have no problem this winter.

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This one can be hard to spot, as decay usually affect the inside of the tree first. Visible symptoms include: mushroom-like spores, an expanded base, dead branches, and soft, breakable wood.


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Poor structure
Sometimes trees can lean more to one side, or have an odd shape that is caused by an unnatural growth pattern. Severe storms and poor pruning are usually to blame for this; rectify this issue soon to prevent the tree from falling!

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