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Eugene M Brennan Tree Experts Inc. is a family owned, second generation tree care company, originally established in 1964 by Gene’s father, Eugene R Brennan. Brennan Tree Experts provides year round tree care to both residential and commercial properties in Essex, Union, Morris and surrounding counties.


Brennan’s Tree Experts Inc has been servicing Northern NJ since 1964.  We provide professional tree services from trimming and proper care to complete removal. Trees are a valuable landscape asset for any property owner. For this reason alone, trees add value not only to your property but to the community in which you live.


If you are interested in having us visit your property to confirm the health of your trees or should you have a question about tree care in general, please contact us at 973-325-5663.


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MULCHING : Trees and shrubs......

How Much mulch is to much ? A nice thin layer of mulch 2-4"s tops , keeping in mind to not put to much around the flare of tree . Also keep in mind mulching is not needed every year ! It takes a long time for mulch to break down ,If you apply to much it matts down in a way that actually repels water instead of absorbing , every so often you will have to get out there and steel rake it to break up that compaction.

Mulching is a great practice that can contribute to the health of trees and plants as well as the overall beauty of your landscaping. But too much mulch will not help – in fact, it can be detrimental to trees and plants. Here is an overview of the damage that can be done when you get too aggressive in your mulch application.

Trapping too much moisture around trees.

One of the key benefits of mulch is that it helps keep moisture in the soil around plants and trees. However, too much water held in the surrounding soil can be devastating. When mulch is piled too high or mounded up the base of the tree trunk, it can retain too much moisture, causing the roots, bark, and cambium to rot. The cambium is the layer of tissue just under the bark which transports water and nutrients to the leaves of a tree. Without it, your tree will die.

Choking out the oxygen in the soil that plants need.

We don’t often think of plants needing oxygen, but they do. And they receive this oxygen through their root system. Too much water in the soil prevents the roots from getting the oxygen they need, literally choking them. When roots are deprived of oxygen, they cannot live and neither can the plant or tree.

Exposing plants to excessive heat.

You may have noticed as you have applied mulch that it can sometimes give off heat. This heat is created as the mulch decomposes. When mulch is applied too thickly, this heat can become trapped without a way to escape into the air. Plant tissue that is exposed to this heat may suffer irreversible damage.

Creating a haven for bacteria, fungus, and other pests.

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